7 comments on “Running & Weight Loss – A Friend’s True Story To A Healthy Lifestyle

  1. Very inspirational. How do you know her?

    And I am right there with you for the Biggest Loser competition. For once, I actually _want_ to be a loser! 😉 You know, I have never watched a single episode of that show? Oh, and before I can really get into the competition, I have lose this danged cold that you gave me. I sure you did that just to sabotage my progress, right?

    • Shelly used to work with my wife at the hospital, then her husband got deployed to a base in England. We actually went and stayed with them in 2007 there. They are now back in the upstate.

      ..and I did NOT give you that cold! Everyone has it… blame them! 🙂

  2. That is a really inspirational story :). I’m glad that Shelly lives a healthier lifestyle now and that’s pretty cool that you’re featuring people in your blog!

  3. I agree with Amy – this is a very inspiring story. Lately, I have been mulling the whole exercise & weigh loss (or lack of) issue and have just started back up again. I was never a ‘runner’ but always feel great after doing a run/walk and so have decided that this is enough for me. I am controlling the weight with food choices, but the exercise is for ME not my waist line.

    • Welcome to my blog. I hope something I have posted helps with your motivation in your weight loss. Thanks for following, and check in as often as you can.

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