7 comments on “North Carolina Half Marathon Race Recap – March 24, 2013

  1. So long until the next one? Nothing in April or May? I am sure we could find you something to keep you busy.

    Sounds like you had a blast, even if you did need an ark. Speaking of building big wooden stuff, how much did you spend at Ikea? And did you eat the meatballs.

    And my final obnoxious question, were all the turn to the left? It was NASCAR after all…. 😉

  2. I hate that all those people did not show up, that is a lot of people to just skip a race, especially a half marathon. I could understand missing a local 5K or something due to a rain, but not something like a half that people really train for.

    I bet it was cool running around Charlotte and of course in the speedway. I heard there are a lot of hills and inclines there though so good thing we have the bridge to train on here. You had a great time for the rain and the terrain involved!

    You should come do the Darlington Marathon race in September, I am doing it! They have a few other distances as well, you could use it as a training run.

    • Hey Amy Lauren,
      Yes it was quite an experience. It was hilly, so I glad I have done a few hill training runs recently! Yeah my 2013 race calendar is all filled out for this year, so I won’t be able to do Darlington. I will still have to go check it out though! Now that I do not have another half until June maybe we can meet up for a few weekend training runs. You can check out my weekend schedule on the blog under training. Just let me know.

  3. Well done on cruising through the rain! I was surprised at how many hills we had to climb (and the thousand turns didn’t help any of us to set new PRs). Still a very fun race that I would highly recommend as well, especially since they’re only in their 2nd year. Very impressive.

    • Thanks you too. I was just actually reading your recap as well, and felt wet and shivering all over again! That hill for the pedestrian overpass on the return to the racetrack was brutal! Yes, as a Nascar fan, I really enjoyed the race even in the conditions! I see you are trying to do a half in all 50 states. I just started that this year. You have a lot more states colored! I have you on my follow list to get race suggestions for the various states. Thanks for stopping in.

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