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  1. OK, I am guessing 250. And my words of encouragement about running? Um…. when there is something chasing you, run faster. How’s that?!

    Oh, and I want to win the water bottle and the M&Ms too.

  2. 133 would be my guess!

    Running my first half marathon on April 7th – so my fairly amateur words of encouragement would be to get up and go with no excuses, ESPECIALLY on the days you don’t want to! I’ve found that those days are the ones that matter the most!

  3. I’m gonna guess 175.

    For encouragement… lately I haven’t hit the splits I’ve wanted in my speedwork, so I just want to encourage everyone by saying that just getting out there for a run, you are going to get better even if you don’t reach your goals for every single run!

  4. 228
    Run with a buddy when possible. Props to my friend Greg Shore for staying with me this past Saturday. The extra motivation is a sustaining element that pushes one to achieve their goals. On the flip side. Be a motivator. Slow down and run with a friend. You’ll truly never know how it is effecting people. RUN ON!!

  5. 191
    I like to run in different areas or trails for change of views. One of my favorites is running up Cooper River Bridge before sunrise and then back over the bridge during sunrise. It reminds me of God’s presence.

  6. 174. ” Just keep running, just keeping running, running, running…” in my Dori voice.

  7. I finally decided to actually “follow” your blog since I was reading all of your posts anyway! 🙂 My guess is 217. My inspiration…never ran at all until after I turned 40 and then dove right into training for a half marathon! I thought I was nuts and never thought I could do it. However, people believed in me and encouraged me, and I did it!!! So…if you don’t run and think you can’t, it’s never too late. If you do run, never stop encouraging the newbies, it goes a long way!!!

    • Hey thanks for jumping in and following my blog Tara! Thanks for the vote and the words of encouragement. I can attest you have done an awesome job in your running! You even got my buddy Michael running. It was awesome spending Marathon Weekend at Disney with y’all in January!

  8. I will say 193. I have shaven my 2 mile ran test score from 19:33 when I joined the Army, to 14:43 at my last PT test. Always strive to bring down your personal best. I am seriously considering the Dopey Challenge.

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