6 comments on “Running Etiquette

  1. Sooooo with ya on the one about acknowledging other runners, speaking, curbing the ego. I hate it when people don’t do that or aren’t very nice to other runners. I encountered that a few weeks ago at a track (not actually running on the track- which is understandable they wouldn’t acknowledge ON it, but right at the gates). Maybe they think they are training for the Olympics, I dunno… speedwork can easily remedy running slowly but not much will remedy ugly ;).

    • Yeah I don’t deal with rudeness & ego well! Also, being a former police officer, making eye contact and speaking to other runners is for safety. What if you go missing or something happens, it will help me remember seeing you or the road or trails.

      • Definitely! Same with pedestrians, always a good idea to look up and see what they look like and say hi for safety purposes 😉

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