2 comments on “2013 Cooper River Bridge Run – 10K (04/06/2013)

  1. It’s totally cool that you have a review for a race that your wife did, and I agree it was really good that you weren’t doing it if you were keeping your niece! I don’t have kids and haven’t had my first diaper changing experience yet so you have that on me ;).

    The Hunley costume is so neat, it would be fun to do a race in a costume but I also hope they won because it’s a original and took a LOT to pull off. I would freak out if I were one of the back runners. Plus how many people can say they passed the Hunley in a race, haha?? Or got passed by the Hunley!

    I went to the expo (TrySports Ambassador) and it was great, lots of space. My only gripe was our tent/booth was beside someone selling identity theft. It seemed weird, I mean all these tourists and after the SSN numbers being leaked (it’s almost like it makes visitors feel like their identity will get stolen during the race). But more than that, we were way back in a corner far away from the action. So, much positivity from the expo on my end too ;).

    • Thanks Amy! Yeah I asked her for pictures before she left this morning!

      That would stink to be a the back of the Hunley. What if someone tired and forgot to yell whoa! LoL

      That stinks about the booth location. The ID Theft booth is pretty interesting for a race expo. It does probably make out of staters feel weird!

      Take care!

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