4 comments on “Running and the Ice Bath

  1. You say cryotherapy, I say CRY-o-therapy. Eek, ice bath is scary. I’ve done it a time or two but never really thought it got results. Then again, maybe I should have done like you and added the ice later in the game. Also I think something on my feet would help, they tend to be really cold anyway so I’m sorta scared to get them cold for that amount of time.

    Now I’m picturing you blogging from your icy cold tub hahaha!

  2. When I take my ice baths I make sure to have a cup of hot tea with me that I can sip on as I sit there – it definitely helps take your mind off the cold. And I agree with you about the feet thing – I find that my feet are in so much pain because of how cold they get!

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