8 comments on “2013 Boston Marathon Terror

  1. Love this. You are right, our sport changed today. Races will have more security- I was telling my mom on the phone that whoever did this wasn’t stupid, I have never been at a race with metal detectors or wands but if you go to a ball game they have those things, etc. Plus of course everyone checks a bag or has a backpack, etc.

    And like you said, perhaps the worst thing is that now, instead of focusing on God’s creation and the beauty around us… we have to focus on being safe. We have to do what Pre said never to do and look back…

  2. You are so absolutely right David. As I sit here and read your thoughts with tears in my eyes, our world has changed. And Sonny was right on target yesterday with his sermon. This is such a sad sad occurrence in our world that is going to shambles.

    • Thanks for comments Nicole & your support! This just tore me up today, especially when they reported one of the deaths was an 8 year old kid. Unacceptable! So innocent! Life cut too short far too soon!

  3. I too was very overcome with emotion as I saw the news break regarding the Boston Marathon. I teared up just thinking of the hours of training the participants had put in to get to where they were, the dreams every runner there had of completing one of the world’s most popular marathons, and the loved ones who were gathered there at the sweet finish to see these dreams turn to reality. As a fellow runner, I was just aching over this needless tragedy. It was amazing to see the good in people from those that immediately volunteered to help the wounded, to the runners who kept on running to the nearest hospital to donate blood, to those who opened up their homes for strangers. So many heroes emerged in the midst of a tragedy. I do hope that the 10,000 or so runners who had to finish before mile 25 and re-route to Boston Common were able to also receive their medals. It was certainly a medal of honor on such a horrific day. My prayers are being lifted up for the families and victims.

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