4 comments on “Difference in Running Outdoors vs Treadmill

    • That’s why I had to get a ProForm treadmill that has a GoogleMaps StreetView display to run on. I can plot a course and then watch it on the monitor. I’ve virtually run the Great Wall of China!

  1. I like this. Also, I feel like intervals/speedwork are good on the treadmill. Here in West Ashley, we don’t have a track nearby, so for my speedy workouts, I usually just do intervals on the treadmill. Like 4 minutes hard, 1 minute easy. It sort of “simulates” 800s, I guess.

    It’s not the same as running on a track, but it saves a lot of time and gas from going to MTP!

    Plus, playing with the speed helps you pass the time on the treadmill if you get bored ;).

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