4 comments on “How You Qualify For The Boston Marathon

  1. Thanks for posting this! I agree, I also got things like that. One lady at my job/office was worried that I was there and asking my coworkers if I was okay (I was working that day and on instant messenger… lol… but my friend insisted I was fine). I don’t think a lot of non-runners really know that you have to qualify to run it or how hard it is- granted you can enter without qualifying, only if you raise thousands of dollars for a charity though, which for me would be harder than qualifying… lol… I’m no salesperson or fund raiser. And again, you also have those people who call any race we run, even a 5k, a “marathon”. But… it did bring some awareness to the sport when the bombings occurred, because people learned that distance running is tough if you sometimes have to qualify and fight for a spot!

    • Exactly! Non-runners just do not understand the peculiar process for this event! That is true about the charity approach also, but that is another whole other can of worms! I too am not a salesman!

  2. I certainly think it’ll be more competitive than ever. I used to live in Boston and still read the Boston Globe. They had an article a couple days ago saying numbers for spring and early fall marathons have increased because more runners want to qualify for Boston, not to mention the petition by the runners who had to be re-routed due to the bombings. Throw in the fact that Boston may not increase its cap because of the narrow roads and it’ll be even more difficult than ever to get in next year.

    • Thanks for your comments Lesley, you have brought up another good point that I did not think about! Thanks for stopping by and adding to the discussion.

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