3 comments on “2013 Week 20 Training B-Log

  1. Looks like you had a great training week with the long run tapering down, plus the cross training. Great that you guys got out for walks too, congrats to Mike for losing so much weight at your job’s challenge!!

    Is there a map of the trails near CSU? My friend lives just down the road from there and really needs some good places to run. She just runs around her neighborhood right now, which is fine because the max she does is 2-3 miles, but really, she needs some variety (she has been to the Summerville run club a few times… btw we have a pub run in a few weeks you should totally come to!)

    • The trail is only about 4 months old so there is no real documentation on it yet. It isn’t even on Google Maps yet. What I can do is send you my Garmin tracking data which will have the map with my tracking information on it.

      Congrats to you and Clay today on your performances!

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