3 comments on “Running Back to Back Races

  1. I’ve thought about doing the ice bath and I think I’m gonna try it after my next race or either hard workout. I do wear compression socks between hard workouts or races when they are close and I find that helps, along with a lot of stretching like putting my legs against the wall.

    I also agree with you (you said this in person the other night) that you pick one race to go all out in and another to more or less enjoy. One thing about Disney, it is not a super competitive race like a local one, and you want to enjoy the scenery, take pics with the characters, etc. I bet that helps too!

    • Thanks for the reply Amy. You helped me remember 2 things I left out. Compression and picking one race to give it your all, and use the other just to enjoy and get to the finish line. Thanks for the reminders.

  2. David, I am glad that our friend Amy reminded you of those things, but I really don’t want to hear about your compression pants. The mental image is just … ewww!!!

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