5 comments on “Week 43 Training B-Log

  1. Great job this week, it was really nice of you to lead the running tour in Downtown Charleston, that is a neat way to see the city 🙂

    • Thanks! How’s your training going after the marathon? What is your mileage for next Saturday? I saw Andrew’s post about the run group for next Saturday. I have to do 18. I think I have 2 that are going to split it up, but 18 downtown is going to be rough. I may think about venturing to the island sometime soon.

      • I’m running the James Island Connector 10K next Saturday, as I’m an ambassador for the race. On Nov. 9 I will be back at run club and I will be there for awhile doing Saturday long runs, no races coming up.

        We have group runs every single Saturday at IOP and you’re more than welcome to come out.

      • I loved doing my long runs on Saturdays with the group- it was actually the running workout I liked the most and looked forward to. Maybe I just looked forward to the lunch I’d treat myself to afterwards, lol. All my races now are short but they are on Saturday mornings which means I end up doing long runs on Sundays those weeks.

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