8 comments on “The Color Run™ – Myrtle Beach Offer – November 9th

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    Happy November!

    My friend and fellow Charleston runner David asked me to reblog this. He’s giving away 2 free entries to The Color Run in Myrtle Beach, SC. If you’re interested in doing a color run, definitely enter his giveaway (the odds are pretty good right now).

  2. I think this is awesome! I love Color Runs!!!! Until your post I didn’t know the beach hosted one!!!

  3. Please, Please award my son (4) and I the race entries. My husband is currently deployed (Yes, I pulled that card) and then to top it off I am on active duty, acting as a single mother trying to survive the 90 plus days that we have left before my husband returns home. I would love to do the color run with my son ( who thinks he is a cheetah most of the time), he is only four but will surprise you on how far and fast he can run. If what I said so far didnt convince you to award us the entries, then to top it all of its my husbands and I six anniversary on the 9th of Nov….and since we cant be together, what better way to celebrate then to run with my kid getting colored!!!!!!

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