6 comments on “2014 Walt Disney Marathon Bib Numbers & Corrals Posted

  1. I hear you! I submitted a 1:52 and am in F. They had this new corral system in place at Wine and Dine and they are much smaller so that was nice (and is why they are so far back!). Someone did an analysis and the old A corral is now corral’s A-C and the old B corral is now D-F.

    I want to be annoyed, but these corrals line up more closely with where I get placed in non-runDisney races.

    Good luck!

    • After talking to them this morning, if what they are selling works, then it won’t be so bad. I just didn’t want to be standing around for an additional 20-30 minutes for them to get to D corral. In 2012 I started in D because I had just started running, and it seemed like an eternity for us to get started! See you in January!

      • It was really nice for Wine and Dine. The corrals were smaller so I didn’t feel like I was doing as much dodging and weaving. Although there were still some walkers in corral B which was annoying. The corral’s started about 2 minutes apart, so not too much waiting.

  2. I was very disappointed as well. Last year Michael and I were both in “C.” Now this year, they’ve moved us all the way back to “H.” Christopher is joining us this year and thankfully he’s in the same corral as us. However, it’s very difficult to move around slow people who are in the back. Rumor has it that corrals are smaller this year with less people in each of them to spread it out a little more. I hope this is true.

    • I spoke to TrackShack this morning, and they confirmed that with more corrals and smaller corrals, people that were in A last year, will be in C & D this year. He said last year corral A was 4,200 people, this year it is less than 1000. Also with the smaller corrals, there will be less people, thus the start times will go faster. We’ll see.

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