4 comments on “Jeff Galloway’s Clothing Thermometer

  1. Eh, if it’s below a certain temperature I just hit the treadmill or go to a class at East Shore instead of running! But this is a good guide. I usually wear a dri-fit shirt even when it’s above 60 just because I like sleeves, but if it’s above 80 or so I definitely go with a tank! Some girls do the sports bra only thing but I’m always wary of that, I wouldn’t feel comfortable running like that especially not alone.

    Also, if you’re really cold natured you might need gloves at a higher temp. I will wear gloves when it’s over 50 sometimes just because my hands get really cold and fingers go numb when running sometimes.

    • I agree with the treadmill, too cold or hot and I’m hitting the belt!

      By the way, last long run this Saturday. Me and a friend are doing 22 miles. Starting in Mt. P to SI to IoP. Hope the filling station is open for biz! Thanks!

      • Yup. I am running the Winter Solstice 5K though so I won’t be at IOP running. It’s downtown in Hampton Park. Will be back at IOP after Christmas though, good luck with your last long run. 22 is a doozie!

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