8 comments on “Establishing Running Goals

  1. There are a lot of running facebook communities too, I think people use them to get encouragement and accountability. I can imagine how tough it must be for someone who doesn’t have a ton of running/workout friends.

    I love all your tips. Definitely recommend Couch to 5K and Noah’s group, he has changed so many lives with that in addition to people completing the race.

  2. I am going to just go with #1 for now, “Get off the couch”. Since I rarely sit on the couch though, I will modify it to “get out of the chair.” How about that?

  3. I know everyone is different- but for me it is most important to commit to a set number of days (minimum 4, shoot for 5) of running, AND I pretty much NEED to have a race in mind to work towards. Couch to 5K is great- it’s what got me off the couch in July and I never got back on 🙂 Happy New Year!

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