6 comments on “2014 Walt Disney World Marathon Race Recap

  1. You earned a PR at the marathon during the Goofy challenge?! That’s huge! Well done — do you have plans to run a marathon by itself to see how much you could shave off your time? Regardless, it looks like you had a blast. This marathon has been the most fun one I’ve ever run to date – if it were $80 cheaper I’d run it every year 🙂

    Happy New Year!

    • Yep PRed it with the Goofy. I probably won’t do any other marathons other than Disney, as my focus is on the half marathons for the 50 states. In fact, I told my wife and friends this was going to be my last full, but my wife suggested I shod do the Dopey, as that will be the only RunDisney medal I won’t have after this year (minus the female focused races), so we will see. I am definitely taking off next January from Disney Marathon Weekend, so I may give it a shot in 2016. We’ll see.

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