2 comments on “2014 Charleston Marathon Race Recap

  1. Congratulations to Luke and Evan :). I have a friend named Luke who ran it too, at first I thought it was the same Luke (it wasn’t). But, congrats to your Luke too, finishing a marathon is a huge accomplishment. It was awesome you went out to spectate and cheer too, those fountain pics are crazy!

    I like the half marathon race for Charleston. You are right about the full, the course is obviously used to add mileage rather than have a pretty course. There were a lot of political battles with this race over the course, as they cannot have much of it downtown due to King Joe charging the race time and a half for police, etc (Keith Summey provides police for free). The organizers want to give as much money for charity as possible so that’s why so much is in Nchas.

    The race is getting better each year… I felt like this year’s was a bit better, more course entertainment than last year, etc. It will probably take a few years to grow the marathon though.

  2. I ran the Full, and can attest to the fact that the conditions were less than optimal. No matter which direction the course took us, it felt like the wind was in our faces. Congrats to your friends for battling through!

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