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  1. I also stayed at the Sheraton when I ran this race in 2012. If you thought 30* was cold, try 15. It was brutal when I ran it — kept every layer on for pretty much the entire race as it “warmed up” to 30 by the end of it. And yeah, I wasn’t impressed with Birmingham either, which is why we opted to explore the area for food.

    But well done on that sub-2 finish! Those hills in the middle certainly don’t make it easy to keep an even pace, but the downhill is a just reward.

    • Thanks Dan. Your recap from 2012 helped prepare me! Yeah you got Chicago blood, I’m from the south! 50 is normally winter for us; however, with the snow & ice we been having lately at home, this wasn’t too bad. Yeah I kept all my layers on the entire race also. I wanted to try Flip Burgers, based on your review, but my wife doesn’t do burgers, and that was all they had. So that is why we tried The Cheesecake Factory instead. It too was a first, and we were not disappointed. The Summit area was much nicer and quieter! Thanks again. Next up is the Nashville Country Music RnR Half in April!

  2. Seems like you had a really good race despite the cold, hills, and all the hotel fiasco’s. I know the hotel itself cannot control what is going on in the city but that’s crazy that the staff made you wait so long to check in and didn’t have any dinner recommendations, etc. Just seems like they were not doing anything to make it any easier when they probably had a lot of affected marathoners/half marathoners there. Congratulations on knocking another state off your list!

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