3 comments on “50 States Half Marathon Club

  1. Hey there! It’s better to join earlier though because the club has around 300 discounts to half marathons right now (maybe more). With the annual dues only $21 per year, you pretty much “make money” if you do a lot of half marathons. All the discounts are sorted by state, so you can scroll down the list and pick races. For example: $10.00 off all RocknRolls, $10 of all Mainly Marathon races, $10 off all New England Half Marathon Tour races, and so many more. Plus super nice members 🙂

    • Allie thanks for the post. Yes, I already know all this information. The discounts are not really a positive for me in this decision. I already get a discount for races from my other running clubs, Half Fanatics, and repeat RnR racer. My plan is to do this in 10 years so that annual dues adds up and I have to be wise in my spending. I’ll get there after I confirm I am going to stick with this. I’ve only done 5 states thus far. Thanks so much for the encouragement.

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