3 comments on “2014 Week 11 Training B-Log

  1. You have a declining treadmill? Nice. Great job on your workouts today, glad you got some runs in despite the rain. All mine were outside but I only ran 4 times so yeah… managed to avoid rain for all of em! Good luck with Nashville training!

    • Thanks! This hill training really has my legs sore these days, I guess it is breaking me out the comfort zone! I think we are going to do bridge repeats on Saturday morning if you are interested. Probably go over and back twice for 10 miles worth.

      • That sounds really fun and I need to get a 10 miler in. I’ll have to let you know- some friends are doing a brew run (from brewery to brewery) for 16 miles, and I kinda want to try running 16 before the May Day half (On May 1, I have the May Day half that morning and a 5K that evening).

        But it’s really hard NOT to run the bridge on a Saturday morning when I’m not racing. I do love running the bridge!

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