3 comments on “Coffin Island 5k Race Recap – 4/12/2014

  1. Great recap (I will edit my post later to link to yours, too). I think a coffin shaped medal would be cool but I’m super happy with my gift card. I have so many medals it’s crazy, but unique ones are good (my gift card can go toward shoes which I really NEED). You guys did a great job and it was really nice of you to sweep the course too and get in the extra miles. I always run extra when I do a 5K (sometimes I run extra when I do a 10K) and it’s a great little speed workout. Definitely helps with long distances too.

    I thought we had a great crowd considering the circumstances (postponed festival, other races going on in the area). Clay and I were both happy with the race.

    • I really liked your recap as well. You got into more detail in some areas than I did. I linked to your race recap as well, so it will now be well rounded! 🙂

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