4 comments on “2014 Country Music Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon Race Recap

  1. It looks like the race went really well for you! With the hills, and the issues you had with your legs awhile back, I think this is a GREAT finish time. It was fun training on the bridge too, I know that must have really helped because you beasted up it. Plus you had a great time at Coffin Island!

    That pacing tattoo is interesting. I did a wristband for the Charleston half. But, it was so cold that I could not have done a tattoo because I had as much skin as possible covered up!

    I have never done a Rock and Roll event because I don’t care for *huge* races, but it would be fun to do one someday just for kicks. You can’t beat fun signs and bands on a course!

    • Thanks for the feedback, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I remember he Belmont area. I think it was the Belmont Church I wanted to stop and sing with them. It was a blast!

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