5 comments on “RunDisney Announces Star Wars Half Marathon in… Disneyland

  1. That’s also Charleston Marathon weekend :). I am pacing Charleston Marathon again hopefully (it’s hard to think about pacing when you haven’t run in 2 weeks but I told em last year that I’d do it again. I like to pace the 2:30 group!).

    Doesn’t Disney World have a race that same weekend, or the weekend after? Maybe they did not want them so close together.

    • Marathon Weekend is the week prior in Florida. This used to be Tinkerbell Half Marathon in CA, but they moved it to Mother’s Day Weekend, to make room for this race.

      • Ah okay! I knew it was always close to Charleston’s. I guess they didn’t want 2 races back to back on weekends in Disney. Maybe they’ll move this to the East Coast in the future though.

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