4 comments on “How can you celebrate National Running Day?

  1. You do not run to reach your goals… you run for a cause…

    … Cause you like medals :).

    I got this email too and liked it, now go log some miles for me today! I went to the gym and lifted tho!

  2. I’m doing some of these…I’m wearing old running shoes to work today. They’re not in horrible shape. So, I keep wearing them. I didn’t use the hashtag, but I wrote a blog post on why I run. If not for the Star Wars Half Marathon Registration next week, I would have signed up for a race today. The $320 for the Rebel Challenge is taking too much money out of me for the time.

    I wish I could run today. However, I have a choir practice after work. Since I won’t get home until around 10pm, it means no running today. However, I did run yesterday and plan on running tomorrow. It can’t happen today. It has been fun watching other runners in how they celebrate this day!

    Happy National Day of Running to You!

    • I did wear old running shoes today. I too have yet to hashtag it out. I am booked for all my races for the year, but I did get a friend to use the Rock n Roll discount to sign up a race. I started the morning off with a group run at work at 5:30a for 4 miles! I think I did pretty good. Good luck in getting registered for Star Wars. I heard the spots went fast today. Happy Running Day Vack!

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