3 comments on “Savannah Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon Confirmation

  1. I hope you have fun at Savannah, not much longer. See ya tomorrow for 9 miles and hopefully we won’t get lost again. I’m down for more if that happens, lol, but I want to get in at least 9 (trying to keep my endurance up since I’m training for a half… next year!)

    • See you in the motning for 9 only! We shall not get lost. I looked up on Google street view and found where we missed our turn. As for the remainder of the new part, lets just hooe and pray! Lol. I think we have 4 people tomorrow.

      • That works. I like running with you guys, both the pace and the conversation, and it’s a really good change to run in Summerville. It’s a great town for running.

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