4 comments on “2014 Inaugural Sweet Tea Half Marathon Race Recap

  1. The aid station volunteers had to provide their own tables, tents, and aid, including the water, so I’m guessing that may be why there were no gels. I do know that Mile 12 had gummy bears as well as beer because I know the person who was at that station :). One of my running groups volunteered for a station, then found out the requirements of providing aid and fortunately got Fleet Feet to help them out with providing things. I just don’t think it’s right to expect volunteers who are already providing their time on a cold, Saturday morning, to also provide the aid for aid stations.

    I’m glad you enjoyed the race- I haven’t really read or heard any complaints from the runners, just good stuff. My friend won OA for the males and was telling me that the lead lady (1st place OA finisher) just flew by him. I had a lot of friends do it and it sounds like it was a pretty good race for runners, but it was really stressful for all the volunteers.

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