3 comments on “2014 Space Coast Half Marathon Race Recap

  1. I saw Kelsey’s when we were down there for a cruise, but we didn’t eat there. I wanted to eat there but we were only in town for one night so we went somewhere else (I remember Dan Clapper eating there when he was in Fla. for a cruise and he takes pictures of his food, soo….). I love seeing the cruise ships and that whole area.

    It looks like you had fun at the race and sounds like it’s a great event with a fun after party. I like the idea of a beach towel at the end for wrapping up with from the wind but also a really cool souvenir of the race. Plus as a runner, and living in Charleston near the beaches, it never hurts to have an extra beach towel.

  2. Thanks for featuring our picture. Lol. I really enjoy this race. Beautiful course and lovely sunrise over Indian River. Lots of “Big Bang” for the buck (see what I did there?) with the beautiful bling, towels and so much all you can eat and drink post race. As for cons, I too hated the expo. It was way too crowded. It was much better spaced out at the Kenedy Space Center in the past. We just grabbed our packets and left. Was way too clustered for our liking. The other thing I wish this race would do is move away from D tags. Prefer the chip in the bib. But overall it’s a fun experience and looking forward to running 3 more in this series with you. Ohhhh, and we ate at Grills–fabulous mahi mahi and coconut sticky rice right near the cruise ports.

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