2 comments on “Airia One Running Shoe Review

  1. I agree with your review and appreciate your integrity of not trying to give a good review just because a product was free. I too would not like receiving something that was already slightly damaged, and it sounds like these just aren’t the shoes for you. You have to be SOOOO careful when changing up shoes- especially things like heel to toe drop and when I saw that, I knew it was way different than your Brooks bc I’m more familiar with those.

    Different shoes are good in different situations. I do run faster in my lightweight racing flats- Mizuno Wave Hitogami. Supposedly, they’re good for up to a half marathon which is all I plan to do anyway distance wise! I only use those for speedwork and races, and I have found the slightly lower drop and weight helps. I would never wear them for a 14 mile long run or for an easy recovery day (I’d be too tempted to pick up the pace), and especially not on the bridge or somewhere there is a lot of pounding. I love the Hitogami but unless you’re racing short or running on a track or intervals it is not a shoe that any runner “needs”.

    The only time I could think these Aria shoes would be good would be in a race and $190 is a lot of money for flats…. especially flats that don’t look cute!

    • Thanks for your feedback Amy. You know I love my Brooks! However, they offered, so I attempted to give them a fair review, which I think I did. Hopefully they will work for someone out there!

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