3 comments on “Christmas Gifts For Runners

  1. I totally recommend fuel/gu as a runner’s gift (even though I don’t use it). The tip is to go through the runner’s pantry and make sure you know what kind they like and use first and it’s easy to wrap bc it comes in those boxes. And it’s something you KNOW they will use.

    Paying a race entry fee is a great idea too. Again that’s something people need to know the runner to give well. For example, it wouldn’t be smart to gift ME a marathon entry, or someone who only likes small races an entry into the bridge run, etc.

    • Those are some good ideas Amy. Definitely figure out the right flavor of gel your runners likes! Otherwise it’s a waste because we are creatures of habit!

      Wow! Awesome idea on the race registrations. Give them a Visa Gift Card or something to pay for it!

      Thanks for the ideas!

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