6 comments on “2015 RunDisney Walt Disney Marathon Weekend Merchandise

  1. She may not be able to, as LE bands typically don’t have the “link it later” option, meaning you have to have a card or magic band to link it when you purchase it.
    I’m hoping to find someone who is going to be there to pick up one of the “I’m training for a Disney Marathon 2016” jackets for me…if not I have to take a trip in January to use some Universal tickets that are expiring, maybe I’ll plan for marathon weekend and pick it up myself…

      • That’s not what policy states. You must have got lucky with the CM who sold the HM band, because the policy states that you are supposed to link it when purchasing. It’s part of how they minimize scalping

      • You just have to keep the receipt and take it with you when you are ready to activate. We got a HM and an Olaf the day we left, and got them activated when we checked in on the next trip down.

  2. LE recently was added to Link It Later. SE has not been. Disney has not announced if this will be LE or SE.

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