4 comments on “2014 Year In Review

  1. ROTFL @ Michael! I’m glad you were able to do all your races this year and remain injury free. To me that is the most important thing, considering I was injured this year and had to miss a few races. That feeling of being signed up for something and not able to start is the worst (even if it is just 5Ks, race the landing, and I was still there volunteering). Best wishes for 2015 and I will see ya on the roads soon!

  2. Gotta admit I also chuckled at your earning “URANUS” status. Great year! And great photos… the entire year comes into focus so nicely when you see all the bling lined up alongside each other. Disappointed we’ll miss each other at Disney World next week, but so glad we could come together to work on RaceRaves, and your contributions past and future are hugely appreciated. Look forward to following along as you ramp up your 50 States adventure.

    Here’s to a happy, healthy 2015… with the 50 By 50 Challenge in your sights, clearly your glass will always be HALF full!

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