3 comments on “2015 Week 02 Training B-Log

  1. Wait, you ran the Greenway and didn’t come visit? I am insulted. BTW, did I ever tell you that is an old railroad right-of-way … 😉

    Cool medal, congrats.

    And don’t forget your most amazing accomplishment. Only one Krispy Kreme donut on Friday. It was an amazing act of willpower to behold.

    • Yep knew about the old railroad bed! It is a very cool run. Thanks for bringing out my most memorable accomplishment for the week! That did take a lot of willpower!

  2. Looks like a good week of running! Glad you got the tempo run in too, I need to do that next week.

    Sorry I missed out on the Greenway run, I was volunteering at Charlie Post today. I was sad you guys were running close to me and I couldn’t make it, but oh well.

    I want to see a chiro, but my insurance doesn’t cover it. I have a slightly wonky hip too and think that might help, just gotta find one with reasonable prices and who gets runners :).

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