4 comments on “2015 Week 05 Training B-Log

  1. I guess I need to sign up for Save the Light if I’m gonna do it. My legs felt a little stale today :(. I was fine on my long run Thursday night (I ran 11.6 that night, which is one reason why I didn’t come this morning, just can’t get my mileage too high at once).

    It looks like you had a great week. The higher mileage will pay off for you big time :).

  2. Hi! Fellow Charleston runner, here (I think I’ve seen you around before in the blogosphere)! Congrats on your high-mileage month! I had debated doing the Save the Light this year, but ultimately decided not to various reasons. One of these years I’ll get out there and run it. Good luck this weekend!

    • Thanks Christine. You will have to come out and run some with us sometime. Yeah my next big half races aren’t until May so I had to sign up for something local!

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