3 comments on “Save The Light Half Marathon Race Recap – 2/7/2015

  1. Speedwork works :).

    I thought the race was good for the price we paid and a low-key event. I always start near the front in case of awards (USATF certified races always use gun-time for award, I would use chip time for a PR or my “official” time mentally ya know?). I liked that the hotel was open for us to stay warm before and after the race and that we got a poster of the lighthouse. I’m glad you guys got your medals because they weren’t handling them out at the finish when I went through, so volunteers were walking around making sure everyone got them. I wish the roads had been closed to traffic… I think if this race gets much bigger they need to look into that.

      • I just wonder how many knew there was a race? If so, I would just stay home for awhile unless there was somewhere I had to go. Most of the traffic cleared off pretty fast except for the main loop that both races were on. I do think all the Folly restaurants were happy for the runners bc everywhere was packed.

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