5 comments on “Running Back to Back Half Marathons in a Weekend

  1. This is really similar to how people train for ultras. Obviously training for an ultra, most people can’t safely run the distance in training, so they break it up into two back-to-back long runs.

    I think increasing distance will do nothing but good things for you, if you do it carefully to avoid fatigue and injury (sometimes you really have to slow the easy days down a lot!). The more you run on back-to-back days, the more you learn how to run on tired legs. Obviously that Sunday your legs will be tired after the Saturday half!

  2. Looks like a solid training schedule. Great way to knock two states out quickly! I’m also doing the 50 states challenge. But don’t think I’m ready for back-to-back half marathons yet. If you haven’t done Kentucky and West Virginia yet, I hear the Hatfield-McCoy is a cool one – the first 13.1 miles is in Kentucky, and the second 13.1 is in West Virginia. Good luck on your races!

  3. Hey my wife and I are doing the same thing with regards to two half in a weekend, happens to be the same weekend in May. I like your plan we have been doing something very similar. I think we may be doing to many back to back long runs. I think we might change to every other weekend instead of every weekend for fear of tired legs. Great plan and good luck!

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