4 comments on “2015 First Quarter Goals Review

  1. I hope you feel better from the stomach bug. It’s a crummy way to lose weight but also affects workouts for a couple days afterwards.

    I love running with people slower than me to help them with running goals, but I usually do it after races. After the James Island Connector Run 5K, I ran back over the connector with some friends to pace them to 10K PRs. They were so proud of the PR. It was fun sharing that moment with them, I got some extra training miles in, and running back with them and chatting sure beat waiting for the bus to take me back to the start.

  2. You’re doing awesome so far! Way ahead of me in terms of progress towards the yearly goals. Keep on keeping on, and I can’t see a way that you won’t make all of your goals (pretty easily it sounds like) this year!

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