7 comments on “State #9 – OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon Race Recap (05/02/2015)

  1. The pictures of your friend’s yard are great- it’s neat that you got to stay with someone instead of a hotel because I think I’d be more relaxed staying with friends before a race. Cheaper too. Those cupcakes look delicious as well.

    The race course looks great and fast. You can’t beat straight with so few turns. My race last night had so many curves and turns that I almost felt dizzy at the end!

    • It was so beautiful & peaceful Amy. You know I love a good cupcake! 🙂 Turns suck! lol Wait until the Cincinnati race recap, there will be turns… and hills….and turns… and hills…. 🙂

  2. You left out the most important info…What flavor was the cupcake?? Great Job checking off another state.

  3. Well done! It must have been tough keeping a conservative pace during this race, which is built from start to finish with fast times in mind. If the sounds of classic races booming through the speedway didn’t force you to charge imprudently, then you must have a will of steel. Well done, sir.

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