6 comments on “State #10 – Cincinnati Fly Pig Half Marathon Race Recap (05/03/2015)

  1. I can’t believe someone broke into a cupcake store! That’s like someone shoplifting from a dollar store. So sorry you didn’t get that cupcake, but it looks like you had a fun lunch.

    Congrats on your race and this looks like a fun one. Difficult with all the hills, but from the scenery it looks like it was worth it. Glad you got to stay with friends and have some help getting around town, that means a lot in a new place.

  2. Nice narrative and great photos! And if I can pile on my agreement… WHO BREAKS INTO A CUPCAKE STORE??? If you want to find the thieves, I say look for a couple of 11 years old with tummy aches and frosting around their mouths.

    This looks like a fun race, and you did a nice job of capturing the spirit of the event. I’m a sucker for college campuses and sporting venues during races, so this one holds a lot of promise. Plus, it seems like a great opportunity to visit a city I might not otherwise have reason to visit (which is one of the reasons I run).

    Last year while running through Venice Beach here, I did a double-take when I saw a fellow walking his potbellied pig on a leash. Definitely a head-turner and an amusing sight… though in Cincinnati on Sunday I might have expected the fellow you saw to have wings.

    Oh, and as a pyrotechnician and Disney fan, I can imagine the WDW Marathon start also holds a special place in your heart.

    Congrats on # 20 and 10… your U.S. map is filling in nicely!

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