7 comments on “2015 Second Quarter Goals Review

  1. I think I’m going to run the Georgetown Bridge 2 Bridge Half in October as well as Kiawah half. I’ve done the Georgetown one before but it is also the week before your back to back but I would recommend it for a good… semi-local… half marathon. I’m trying to get more stretching and foam rolling in myself along with core work… when you get out of the habit of foam rolling it is hard to get back in.

    You can totally run at least 1000 miles this year with training for the next 2 halfs :).

    • Yes I have seen the Georgetown one, I may give that a shot next year. That is 1100 miles for the year, that would be an all time yearly high for me!

      • The Georgetown one is kinda hard bc there are 3 bridges to run over. But that makes it a good training run for anyone who is doing a marathon or half marathon that has hills (it’s hard to get motivated to run over the bridge multiple times!)

  2. Congrats on outrunning your 2015 mileage goals so far… being able to up your target by 200 miles is impressive stuff. And I know you’ve got a big weekend of pyrotechnician responsibilities coming up, so be safe out there and have a great holiday!

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