3 comments on “2015 Week 30 Training B-Log

  1. It looked like you guys had a lot of people on Saturday. I had to start at 6 (bah, early) so I could get out of town. I met up with the TrySports “group” which was basically me and another guy who didn’t want to run much. Glad you got some good workouts in, at least the Greenway has shade and that helps a lot.

    • It was good seeing you. Yeah I thought I saw TrySports Andrew just before we met up with you. Yep the Greenway was nice for shade, but we just can’t hide from that good ole SC humidity!

      • Yeah Andrew was there and another guy, Joe. There was a lot of confusion over it. Humidity was crazy this morning too… a little cooler but it’s so muggy out today!

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