7 comments on “State #12 – Hershey Half Marathon Race Recap (10/18/2015)

  1. Great review! I ran the race too!
    Good luck on getting all 50 states!
    I’m trying to run 2000 miles this year for the special operations warrior foundation! Check out my blog!

  2. It stinks that your time was slower, but you had a lot of points against you since you ran a race the day before, didn’t get to take an ice bath, and had to drive in a car for a few hours the night before! not to mention the cold. It does look like it was a fun race and you enjoyed it, and that’s what counts. I mean, it’s not like any of us will ever win a big race like this, so may as well have a good time with it :). Glad you got to enjoy the park- big perk with the race entry!

  3. Congrats on a great weekend and notching two more states! Keep in mind you don’t have to finish fast, you just have to finish – and the same medal hangs around everyone’s neck. Like Amy said, all things considered you had a weekend to be proud of. The Hershey’s Half + Hersheypark sounds like an impossible place to have a bad day.

    So now that mind & body have had a week to recover… any other back-to-backs on the horizon?

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