8 comments on “2015 Summerville (SC) Sweet Tea Half Marathon Race Recap

  1. Congratulations on such a great time! I agree that Saturday was perfect half marathon weather. I ran this route last Saturday and it was 73 and 100% humidity, glad that temp was turned around for you guys!

    I feel like for the price of this race, Sweet Tea should change the medal up a bit more (I noticed it looked the same) and offer more at the finish and a better start. Did they not even have sweet tea at the race for you guys? I heard the finish line band was terrible and it is not good for a race to start with no notice (ours had a countdown clock and they gave a warning over the speakers). Especially a half marathon, you have to sync watch, make sure you have water, gels, whatever you need, etc.

    • Nope, no sweet tea at the finish. This was a suggestion last year that was not rectified. We went to Chickfila for breakfast and sweet tea! Now that you mention it, the finish line band was bad. We were trying to talk and it was just loud noise.

      • I don’t like it when races do not take suggestions to heart. Last year was their first year so I can understand some issues, but that’s why you get feedback, so you can improve. Providing sweet tea at the finish should be a given!

  2. Great job!!!! You are killing it. Do you take your own knee or get it done? If you do it, is it easy to figure out. I need mine done and hate paying for it lol

    • Good morning. Thanks! Yes I do my own KT Tape jobs. Their website has great instructional videos to follow based on your ailment. I have also had them taped at the RunDisney and Rock n Roll events at the expos. That helped to learn as well. They will usually do 2 things without a charge.

  3. No sweet tea?! How very odd and unfortunate for a race of that name. Important thing is you felt good and ran well – sounds like the kind of laidback local race I’d really enjoy (though Kiawah is my current target in SC). Nice job!

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