5 comments on “2016 Year Preview

  1. I like your goals! One of my goals this year will be running with someone slower. I want to pace someone in a race, one of my friends did that today and I think it would be fun to help someone else set a PR that way. In 2013, I paced a friend to a sub-26 5K and in 2014, I paced a race, but that is something I neglected last year. Your half schedule looks good- hooray for it being a little more spread out instead of back to back days!

    • It was fun trying to help someone else get into the sport, and not focus on me and my issues as much. Yes, i think I will put back to backs aside for a year or two. 🙂

      • I understand why people do back to backs, especially for things like 50 states because of travel expenses, you can knock out 2 states at once, or moon up in half fanatics. But the stress physically and mentally- along with the stress of *running 2 half marathons in 2 days* is rough. This summer, I was running a 5K on Thursday, then another on Saturday. I was never giving 100% but my body hated it. I can’t imagine 10 more miles onto that…

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