7 comments on “2016 Week 1 Training B-Log

  1. Hate that you’ve had a tough week to start the year. Glad you got to run with your folks this morning. Would love to get the chance to get down there and run with you guys again.

  2. I’m very sorry about your grandma. Mine passed away 10 years ago, on New Year’s Eve, so the first week of that year was pretty similar… you never forget it either, it’s made all my NYE sad. Sorry you had to spend time with family under those circumstances and not happy ones, but it is worth being there for each other in tough times even if it means missing some runs.

    Carfie!!! It was great seeing you guys this morning, everyone looked strong and it looked like you had a great run! It was so foggy that when I was on the bridge, I could not see the columns… crazy. Tons of runners out today and it was fun seeing everyone.

    What new shoes did ya get?

    • Thanks Amy and great seeing you this morning… Twice! Ha ha ha! There were so many runners out. I guess everyone getting in one final run for the Charleston Marathon next week! Lol Carfie! Think it will catch on? You started it with your new car last week!!! 😄 as for new shoes I just picked up a pair of Nike Frees to try on short runs. Light and no support but I think the will work for 5 or less mile runs.

      • A lot of people are training for different things right now… Charleston, Charlie Post, Peyton 5K, Bridge Run, Myrtle Beach, and the Boston training started this week too. Plus, the temperature wasn’t blazing hot.

        My friend Kendall (summerville y) coined the term Carfie on Wednesday night… he wanted to do a track selfie by my car ;).

        Good luck with the Nike’s. I am wear testing a pair of NB shoes right now and I have to send them back and I am so mad because I love, love, love them!!

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