2 comments on “2016 Inaugural Star Wars – The Dark Side Half Marathon Race Recap

  1. Love the recap! I so wish I could have been there! Love the Darth Vader command chair! To bad they didn’t have BB-8 at the Star Wars Dark Side Half like they did out here at Disneyland. Although, the lines to a pic with him were insane. I noticed that you didn’t get a picture with the speeder bikes (from Return of the Jedi). It looks like they did take a lot of the same sets from the Star Wars race out here to Florida. Fun times! I can’t wait to do the Star Wars Light Side half again in January!

    • Yep it was pretty great event. Glad we finally got one on our coast. The speeder bikes were in the last mile, and I was ready to be done so I passed them up. All you did was stand behind them, so there wasn’t anything special to them unfortunately. If they would have had a character there, I may have stopped. This will be my future RunDisney event.

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