4 comments on “State #14 – Carpenter Nature Center Apple Blossom Half Marathon (MN – 5/15/2016)

  1. Congratulations again on your race! It looks like this was a good race for a small event- lots of potties, good food, and the course is nice. Plus it’s awesome that the supporters would get in their cars and cheer later on down the course! You had a pretty good time considering this was a travel race, hills, and headwind too.

    • It was a lovely little race. Some times is it good to just run a small home town race and avoid the huge attendance races (Rock n Roll, Disney, etc.)

      • I’d rather run the small races, honestly. I like the personal feel of them, and sometimes I like running somewhere different because you just never know who will show up, or what the course or race will be like. It’s neat that you were able to personally email the race director- most big reasons are managed by committees or even outside companies so you can’t really do that.

  2. Congrats on another sub-2:00 despite the hills & headwind! I definitely have a fondness for smaller races, and this sounds like a good one. And the fact that the race director responded to your question is a bonus—don’t know how many times I’ve submitted a question via a race website’s Contact Us form and received nothing but silence!

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