3 comments on “State #16 Race Recap – Portland OR Half Marathon 10/9/2016

  1. Congrats on state #16, David! And nice job picking up the pace in those last two miles—hope you’ve been able to get all the water out of your ears! On another note we just had a Blue Star Donuts open in Venice near us recently, and we’ve been happy to welcome them to the neighborhood.

    Good luck at Race 13.1 Charleston and at Marshall! Look forward to hearing more, since Marshall is on my radar. And go Dodgers! 🙂

    • Thanks Mike! Thanks for noticing my 2 mile negative splits there at the end. Had to make up for stopping to chill with the Pirates! Blue Star was definitely my favorite of the two! Thanks on the well wishing for my upcoming halfs. I will let you know about Marshall!

  2. Sounds like this was a really great race for you, congrats on a solid finishing time despite the rain and the course hiccups. I think most of those happened to the full people, not the half. I have had a half marathon come up as short before- it was Hilton Head. The course was certified and from what I saw on the maps, that is what we ran. I think it is because we had a lot of trees in one area (this same thing happens to me at the Charles Towne Landing races- and I feel my Garmin pause/vibrate). I think .01 off, it is probably Garmin error.

    Love the sightseeing pics, Voodoo donuts, and the cupcake! Really looks like you had a great trip all around.

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