9 comments on “State #17 Race Recap – Marshall University Half Marathon WV 11/6/2016

  1. Hey! I ran the half also and absolutely loved it. I wanted to stop at Hillbilly Hotdogs but they were closed by time I made my way back to Louisville.
    Which race do you have in mind for KY? Run the Bluegrass is a good half for the scenery and photos. They have bourbon donuts at the finish.

  2. Congratulations on a great race! I love the touch of giving you a football at the end and that gym bag. You had a great time especially since you’ve had so many races recently. Smart call to run with the pacer as well.

    Sorry you didn’t get a cupcake! Go to the shop downtown and get one because you deserve it after your half marathon!

  3. Congrats on racking up one more state this year, David! Nice narrative and great photos, I think I may have just found my WVa race. Especially love the football handoff at the end, genius touch. Though sorry to hear you got stiffed on the cupcakes, that ain’t right!

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