2 comments on “State #19 Race Recap – Dallas Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon TX 3/19/2017

  1. Nice writeup David, “eye” enjoyed it! And nice finish time even with those hills thrown in. I really appreciated this course when I ran the inaugural race in 2010, so glad to see it’s still worth the trip. Congrats on notching state #19… but don’t you feel naked (sorry “necked”) without a pair of stylish, hand-crafted cowboy boots? 🙂

  2. That eye is a really freaky way to end a race recap.

    Congrats on Texas and the race! Looks like a quick trip but you did a lot… dinner with the 50 staters, cupcakes, race, visiting the Western store, actually getting to go to the expo. Glad the flights went smooth and so did the race. I agree with you that it’s awesome the Ms Blues marathon comped you guys with this!

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